We find the talent that your company

Are you interested in a Human Quality service?

We carry out administrative activities for you

We take care of managing and administrating collaborators who work under this scheme; meanwhile companies can count with qualified personnel working for their organization.

Recruitment and selection

We help you identify the ideal candidate to fill any position in your company.

Movements before the IMSS

We support you with everything you need to enroll your workers in the Mexican social security program.

Payroll Processing

We manage your payroll complying with all the law’s obligations.


We guarantee to select the best staff, fully prepared and committed to your company.

Infonavit procedures

Our team will help you carry out all the Infonavit (Mexican Housing Fund) procedures for your workers.

Tax payments

We will advise you how and when to make your tax payments quickly and easily.

Specialization segments



Experts with all kinds of Infrastructure Projects (cement industry, mining, electric, gas and oil industries).


Specialized in different fields and industrial sectors.


We develop solutions for the manufacturing / retail sector processes.

Shared Services

We provide transactional services for different work units.

Call Centers

We offer your HR services specialized in by providing assistance to Call Center operations.


Information Technology and Communications personnel services.


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