Specialized Staffing

Our main objective is to provide comprehensive solutions that allow us to manage your talent quickly and efficiently, integrating quality processes in Human Resources management that allow us to increase your productivity.

We carry out administrative activities for you

We take care of managing and administrating collaborators who work under this scheme; meanwhile companies can count with qualified personnel working for their organization.


Recruitment and selection

We help you identify the ideal candidate to fill any position in your company.


We accompany your candidates throughout the hiring process.

Social security management

We support you with everything you need to enroll your workers in the Mexican social security program.


Infonavit procedures

Our team will help you carry out all the Infonavit (Mexican Housing Fund) procedures for your workers.

Payroll Processing

We manage your payroll complying with all the law’s obligations.

Tax payments

We will advise you how and when to make your tax payments quickly and easily.

We are registered

According to the new way of personnel outsourcing, in humanquality® we are endorsed as a provider of specialized staffing by the Mexican Secretary of Labor (STPS).

Specialization segments

We support you in the administration of specialized services in different segments.


Construction and Infrastructure

Positions that work directly on civil work projects or on administrative issues related to construction projects.

Food preparation and production

Vacancies involved in the production of food and beverages.

Administrative and financial

Talent with financial and accounting skills.

Teaching and Training

Everything related to educational and training activities for companies and schools, from primary school teachers to business coaches.

Engineering and Architecture

Includes positions from various Engineering careers as well as those related to Architecture activities.

Marketing and Promotion

Profiles focused on communication activities, advertising, promotion, traditional and digital marketing, publishing, design. audiovisual production, etc.

Telemarketing and Sales

Positions to cover sales, insurance, telephone, real estate agents, etc.

Corporate and Industrial Maintenance

Cleaning and cleaning personnel, elevator maintenance engineers, industrial machinery, refrigeration, etc.

Logistics and Warehouse

Actors involved in the supply chain, from warehousemen, transport operators; to customs import and/or export agents.

Quality Control

Auditors, quality inspectors, process control, service quality, personnel supervisors.

Safety and Hygiene

Positions for health-related activities in the corporate and industrial sectors.

Information technologies

Systems specialists, web developers, programmers, helpdesk.


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